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Dubai Shopping Festival – 26th December to 24th January

Dubai Shopping Festival – 26th December to 24th January

Tour Operators in Kerala

Dubai Shopping Festival is a super-entertaining experience for visitors. It promises numerous entertainment programs and endless shopping opportunities for the people visiting Dubai during that time. DSF aka The Shoppers Paradise was first organized in 1996 by the government of Dubai for promoting trade and commerce. This most exciting and super-fabulous festival of Dubai falls during the starting of a year, preceding summer. This is an occasion during which people can view and buy the best retail products which high equally in terms of quality and standards.

The time of DSF is a proud and remarkable moment for Dubai as varieties of innovative programs are organized and conducted along with special youth events, street plays, overnight fireworks, international film festivals, fashion shows, etc. DSF also serves as promotional events for the tourism industry in Dubai. The respected authorities strictly make sure that memorable events are conducted to attract tourists and aboriginals as well. The city gets transformed into a must-see show-stopper with DSF. This annual extravaganza has amazing and unbeatable deals on everything from fashion to electronics.

DSF 2020 promises even more entertainment programs and engaging events for its visitors. There are programs organized for people of different segments. Dubai got the name- ‘The city of gold’ titled during an awareness campaign held at the Dubai Shopping Festival. The authorities of Dubai always invite many celebrities and esteemed people from all over the world.

Apart from entertainment and shopping options, the pivotal part of DSF’s contribution to the development of tourism also boosts the economic condition of the country. The number of tourists has been increasing every year, and it has been even more expected during DSF 2020. This is also a platform for international talents to exhibit their skillsets. The Dubai Festivals Retail Sector Promotion Establishment (DFRE), and Commerce Marketing (DTnCM) also work hand in hand with the Dubai government to conduct DSF. The combined effort has turned this to one of the popular shopping fiestas in the world.

In the middle east, this month-long festival has already made way into Guinness World Records with many celebrity performances, music performances and plenty of other amazing events, apart from major shopping deals. One can see fashion flash mobs live raffle draws with a true blend of festivity and lights, shopping and glamour, sports and adventure, multi-cuisine food and cosmopolitan culture. The festival is much loved by the people due to the liveliness DSF brings in the city where the city is decorated with lights and vibrant colors. The festival also includes entertainment shows for children, Kids Disneyland, Art lovers horizon and food fiesta for the foodies out there.

The first day of 2020 Dubai shopping festival would kick start with an amazing display of fireworks and jaw-dropping discounts which attract numerous tourists and others to this festival similar to past years. DSF is not just about passive shopping, but also jam-packed with enthralling performances, raffles, flash sales, concerts, and pop-ups, all of which, bring life to the city as a whole.

Many top travel agencies arrange holiday deals and help families, groups, and individuals to participate in the shopping festival every year. Utilize the best option available and try not to miss this golden chance to experience the best shopping festivals ever.

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